High Performance Fluid


The 1-Gallon High-Performance Haze Fluid from CITC is for use in StarHazer, StarHazer II, DF-50 Haze Machine, and all oil-based, non-heating haze machines. It has vitamin E. It was previously known as diffusion fluid. This fluid is a mixture of liquid hydrocarbons refined from a proprietary formula, and may contain up to 10 ppm Tocopherols as a stabilizer. This product is made to insure quality, purity, and stability.


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****NOTE: Strong oxidizers such as hydrogen peroxide, bromine, and chronic acid should be avoided. Carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide may be formed as decomposition product. This product does not contain any chemical subject to reporting under the Canadian Controlled Products Regulations of WHMIS.

  • No unusual fire and explosion hazards
  • Stable under normal conditions
  • Viscous liquid


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