Formerly called Robotic Airbursts. Like all of the “Pre-Made Effects”, these come already loaded with pyro composition and igniter. In this case, the composition creates a directional shower of sparks shooting out of the end of the Robotic, with a small amount of smoke.

Robotics are SPD’s (Spark Producing Devices). They are often used to simulate electrical short circuits and bullet hits on buildings and cars. Robotics can also be used as an airburst effect by mounting them in lighting truss. Robotic Airbursts are similar to regular airbursts, but these are for when you want the sparks to shoot straight down. (Again, gerbs, not Airbursts, are used for creating a “curtain” or “rain” of sparks). A simple battery applied to the bare wire leads is enough to set off these effects, but use of a controller specifically designed for setting off pyrotechnics is highly recommended. These effects need to be secured.

  • You must provide us with your current Pyrotechnician License to purchase
  • Priced individually, comes in a Box of 12
  • Size: Medium V2 (Heavy Spark) | Large V2 (Heavy Spark) | Small V2 (Heavy Spark) | Small V1 | Large V1

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