RoscoFlamex NF (Natural Fiber Fabrics)


Most fabrics made of natural fibers can be effectively treated using Roscoflamex NF.

Among the many fabrics commonly used in scenery or costumes, use Roscoflamex NF on cotton, muslin, scrims, cotton netting, natural velours, wools, linens, natural felts, and most other decorative, garment or upholstery fabrics made with natural fibers. Easy to use, with no greasy after effects, Roscoflamex NF is the best solution for insuring your scenery and props meet local fire regulations.

Roscoflamex NF has been premixed and does not require any further dilution. The method of application and the amount of Roscoflamex NF required for sufficient treatment varies with the fabrics in use.

1 Gal