Wildfire UV Luminescent Paint


Wildfire UV Luminescent Paints have the highest pigment concentration of any UV paint available, which makes them light up brilliantly under black light. They can be applied to nearly any prepared surface. Canvas, paper, plaster, metal, wood, plastic, masonry, fabric—in short, any clean, non-slick and non-oily substrate will work great if primed properly.

Various Sizes.
Glow Green.



Wildfire Luminescent Paint applies like ordinary latex paint. You can brush it, roll it, spray it, smear it, splatter it, drip it, or however the right-brain wants to do it! Paints are water-based which makes clean-up a breeze. Furthermore, they are completely non-toxic: NO lead. NO mercury. NO toxic chemicals. And no awful smell, either.

Unlike cheap brands, Wildfire Luminescent Paints will NOT shift colors when switching from ordinary light to ultraviolet light. We use a special color-balanced formulation for assuring consistent color quality. Wildfire Luminescent Paints mix well with each other and with other water-based acrylic paints (such as Modern Masters) giving you access to every color shade imaginable—even subtle earth tones.

Despite Wildfire’s unquestioned superiority over other similar products, our prices are surprisingly competitive.

In short, WILDFIRE Luminescent Paints are reliable, flexible, easy-to-use, and yet affordable—making them the perfect choice for UV artists, whether working on the latest HOLLYWOOD Blockbuster, or in the private studio.

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Glow Green (pt), Glow Green (gallon)


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