Types of Tape for Seaming and Securing Dance Floors

Dance Floors require secure and reliable taping solutions to ensure a safe and seamless performance surface. There are various types of tape used for seaming and securing dance floors, each with its own unique characteristics and applications.

Here are some of the common types of tape used for this purpose:

Gaffer’s Tape

Gaffer’s Tape is traditionally 2” wide and is a heavy-duty cloth tape first used by lighting technicians in the theater. The primary reason it was used to tape down dance floors on stage is because it was the tape on site. Its’ advantages are it is long lasting and has a strong adhesion to the floor, but disadvantages are it leaves more adhesive residue when replaced, is thicker and more abrasive because of the cloth. Some tape of this type comes with a vinyl finish mitigating the rough surface and offering a more water-resistant product.

Vinyl Dance Floor Tape

Vinyl Dance Floor Tape came on the scene in the 1980’s as an alternative to cloth. Vinyl tape has a smooth surface, a lower adhesive residue when changed, is more water resistant and costs less. It also comes clear to blend with any floor colour. It does have to be changed approximately every 4-6 months. All tape gets damaged by taps so be prepared to change it up to three times a year!

Double-Sided Tape

Double-Sided Tape is used under the dance floor to join the flooring to the subfloor for a more extended time of installation. 2” double-sided tape and top tape is the traditional installation method for up to three years, after which the dance floor needs to be reset with new tape. All tapes have a shelf life as it will dry out and disengage with time.

Other Tapes

Other tapes present too many obstacles to be a reliable alternative. Duct tape is overkill but costs less than gaffers tape, too much adhesive residue and a rough surface makes it a poor choice. Electrical tape is too easily stretched out of shape, get gooey when warm and has very little strength to resist damage, especially with percussive dance.

Find a reliable tape for your needs and change the (top) tape often! HollyNorth offers a complete line of cloth, vinyl and double-sided tape online or in-store, as well as Rosco flooring, floor cleaners and Slip NoMor!

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