Krylon Industrial REFLECT-A-LITE clear coating diretly reflects flashligh or headlights, making items extraordinarily visible in the dark or under emergency lighting conditions.

It’s a clear aerosal reflective coating that uses a glass sphere technology and can be applied to virtually any item without obscuring its orginal color.


REFLECT-A-LITE coating can be applied to rough and complex shapes not suitable for reflective films. It employs a special high delivery valve to optimize application.

  • Improve Low-light Visibility without Changing Daylight Color
  • Increase Visibility of Critical Safety Items
  • Call Out and Label Underground Utilities

Recommended Uses: Ideal for fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, safety stations, first aid kits, door jambs, stair risers, conduits, pipelines, utilities, and passageways in sewers, underground facilities and mine shafts.


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